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The Cafe Racer Electric® E-bike design language, with its flowing lines and muscular curves, is inspired by the legendary UK Cafe Racer motorcycle movement that created a storm in the 1960s. Our E-bikes are designed and engineered using state of the art components, craftsmanship, and a unique look that makes them exclusive. Our design is based on exceptional build, quality, comfort, and performance that will define your riding experience.  We are all about ecologically friendly technology and a thrilling riding experience with the extraordinary styling of a vintage classic motorcycle.

Welcome to Cafe Racer Electric Bikes (E-Bikes)


It is easy to protray a responsible company. 

It is harder to actually be one. Cafe Racer E-bike is more than just a name to us. We act with intention, with an awareness of what we are doing, how and why we are doing it. Our unique E-Bikes have a soul, and that soul is us.  We have designed a product for today's human race. We hope you join us.


​If you ride less than 50 km per trip, you may never pay for transportation again. Some of you will choose to pedal part of the way. We don't claim to be perfect, but we do what we can to help our planet survive.  Timeless vintage design powered by electricity, fun and performance. Our E-bikes are exceptionally different in their beauty and uncommonly light in their footprint. An unparalleled ownership experience, focused on the few. 
We view the world differently, and we
know you do too.



Our designers and builders are the beating heart of our company. Practical individuals from the worlds of technology, and nostalgia that blend their diverse skills to seamlessly create a uniquely designed important product.

Bikes have become commodities. Design has become an afterthought, and most everything on the road looks the same. Not here. We designed our E-bikes with proportions from our emotions.  The result: timeless beauty. Modern and sensual. Designed to elicit an emotional response whenever you ride. In order to invent the future we had to visit the past for inspiration.


  • Derailleur: Shimano 7 Speed 

  • Tires: 26” Off-Road

  • Motor: Bafang 48V 500W

  • Battery: Samsung 17ah

  • Range: 70-120 km* with a single charge of 4-6 hrs*

  • Front Brake: Mechanical disc brake Tektro 180mm

  • Rear Brake: Mechanical disc brake Tektro 180mm

  • Bike Weight: 26.5 kg

  • Aluminum Frame

  • Front Lighting: LED 48 v 


The Cafe Racer E-Bike delivers exhilarating performance thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame and wheels. Riding in silence never felt this good. The front suspension system and fat tires give you perfect poise on all road conditions. The use of a powerful electric motor offers a ride that is linear, smooth and swift.


Our first ride on a bike inspired us, it grounded us, it’s ingrained in our memory. The future is an extension of what we already know and where we have been. We use the natural comfort of an old fashioned leather bike seat, and old school riding position to stimulate all your senses.


Your Cafe Racer E-Bike reflects your taste. Those who find inspiration in our modern world but won't sacrifice old fashioned sound design. The vintage feel of our E-bikes is for those of you with an older soul, that only tradition and memories  allow us to understand the world. We are not for everyone, and we never will be. No one really needs a product like this. We are for those who have to have it,  and for those who have a story behind it.


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